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    [Guide] Applying for a Temporary Residence Visa Extension in Kuwait

    While it can be surmised that Kuwait’s government is generally iffy when it comes to accepting foreign entry in the country, there are designated visa types for those who have certain needs to visit the country.

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    Those who intend to stay in the country either for work (business) or treatment of a health condition may apply for a temporary residence visa, which allows them to stay in Kuwait for up to a year only. There is also a variation of the temporary residence visa, which allows immediate family members of residents (father, mother, sisters, but not brothers) to stay for 2-3 months until they rectify their visa status in the country.

    [Guide] Applying for a Temporary Residence Visa Extension in Kuwait

    How to Apply: Temporary Residence Visa Extension in Kuwait

    This type of visa can also be availed by expats who have resigned from their jobs but need to stay in the country to settle financial issues or a legal case in court. Of note, this visa type gets revoked once the holder is permitted to leave the country on this document.

    In this post, we will share details on what you need to secure or perform in order to obtain a temporary residence visa extension:


    • Original and photocopy of the applicant’s valid passport
    • The entry visa used by the applicant to get into the country
    • Two (2) recent ID photographs of the applicant
    • The original and photocopy of the signed letter of authorization from the sponsor
    • A photocopy of the sponsor’s Civil ID
    • A photocopy of the applicant’s work permit (issued by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour)
    • Health Insurance Certificate
    • A photocopy of the signed authorization issued by the applicant’s company or workplace (where applicable)


    1. Visit the General Department of Immigration in your locale and provide the above-listed requirements.
    2. Fill out the service application form provided on site. Be sure to fill this out completely.
    3. Pay the fees for the service application (KD 2).

    In order to apply for a temporary residence visa extension, be sure that your visa is not yet expired, otherwise you will be charged an overstaying fine (KD 10) by the day. Furthermore, fines cannot be settled at the airport. You must pay your fines at the Immigration Department of the Governorate you are assigned to.

    Recently, the Kuwaiti government has imposed a health insurance requirement for those entering the country for medical purposes in order to curb the entry of beggars, especially in time for the holy month of Ramadan, when Muslims all over the world practice charitable acts to help the poor and the needy. This is to ensure that the foreign population in the country remains under control and to thwart opportunities for syndicates to take advantage of the season of giving in Muslim countries such as Kuwait.

    Disclaimer: The details presented in this article are for information-sharing only. For those who would like to know more about the process of filing visa applications, you may refer to the Kuwait Government’s Online Portal.