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    [WATCH] Catch Breathtaking Views from Dubai’s Newest Landmark

    As the city opens to more tourists through the help of the initiatives set by the national government, more promotions, as well as new entertainment facilities are set to open within the year, adding to the excitement both visitors and guests are already experiencing so to speak.

    Soon, another new landmark destination will provide visitors and residents the opportunity to see the city from a different vantage point, one that is sure to take our breaths away, for its historic relevance as well as aesthetic value.

    [WATCH] Catch Breath-taking Views at the Newest Dubai Landmark
    Credits: Achim/Flickr

    [VIDEO] Dubai’s Newest Landmark to Offer Exhilarating Views of the City

    Very soon, master developer Nakheel is looking to establish another stunning landmark attraction to Dubai’s recreation and leisure amenities with The View at The Palm, a public observation deck towering 240 metres above the world-famous Palm Jumeirah, as shared in a report by the Khaleej Times.

    With its easy accessibility from Nakheel Mall, the observatory will offer spectacular, unobstructed views of The Palm, the Arabian Gulf and the Dubai skyline, highlighting the incredible story behind the making of the island that put Dubai on the global map.

    Catch the promotional video here shared by the Dubai Media Office via Twitter:

    The View at The Palm, for which a contract was signed last month, is located on the top level, 52nd floor of The Palm Tower, at the heart of the island.  The observation deck, which includes a VIP lounge and areas for private events, is expected to be completed very soon.

    According to Omar Khoory, Managing Director of Nakheel Malls, “The View at The Palm will combine awe-inspiring, breath-taking views with an interactive, educational experience about the creation of the iconic Palm Jumeirah. This stunning new attraction – the only location in Dubai offering this unique experience – will be a magnet for residents and tourists.”

    Guests of the scenic observation dock will start their journey at the roof plaza of Nakheel Mall, where they will find an interactive museum and gallery dedicated to the creation of Palm Jumeirah. From there, an elevator, complete with a floor-to-ceiling digital sea, sand and sky experience, will take them on the three minute ascent to the observatory at the top of The Palm Tower, where they can marvel at the island beneath them, and enjoy 360 degree views of Dubai.

    Upon returning to the ground, guests can relax and enjoy the delightful delicacies offered at The View café or browse the gift shop at the Nakheel Mall roof plaza.

    Visitors to The View will be able to purchase their tickets online, by phone or in person at the Nakheel Mall roof plaza, for a day or night experience, whatever fits to their liking.

    The Palm Tower, Nakheel’s newest and soon-to-be iconic landmark for Dubai, includes a St. Regis hotel and luxury residences, with a rooftop infinity pool and restaurant underneath the viewing deck.  The tower is directly connected to the Nakheel Mall, which is set to open this year.  Nakheel Mall has over 350 shops, restaurants and attractions, and its own Palm Monorail station.

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