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    Important Hotlines and Contact Numbers in Bahrain

    For those who are new to the Kingdom of Bahrain, it’s important to take note of agencies and local offices which you can contact in case there is an emergency or if you may be in need of certain kinds of help or services.

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    While Bahrain is just a small country, the Kingdom is steadily persevering to ensure that all of its residents, a wide majority of which are foreign nationals, get to enjoy services and social benefits with the aim of “leaving no one behind.” In essence, Bahrain is among the top destinations for work among expats because of the quality of life and benefits they get to enjoy living here.

    Important Hotlines and Contact Numbers in Bahrain
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    Contact Numbers to Call for Emergencies in Bahrain

    But for those who are just starting out their life in the kingdom, it’s good to pay attention to some of the basic information that you’ll need based on your situation as an expat or tourist in the country. For starters, below is a list of contact information you can access depending on the services and need that you may have for them:


    • Fire accidents997
    • Medical emergencies998
    • Legal or police situations999
    • Road accidents or traffic emergencies199


    • Coast Guard1770 0000
    • Customs Affairs1735 9999
    • General Directorate of Anti-corruption and Economic and Electronic Security1774 9397
    • General Directorate of Criminal Investigation and Forensic Science1771 2718
    • General Directorate of Traffic1787 2287
    • Juvenile Care Centre1768 1043
    • Ministry of Interior1757 2222
    • Nationality, Passports, and Residence Affairs1753 0902
    • Women Police1787 0302


    • Airport Police Directorate 1733 0515
    • Budaiya Police Station1769 9933
    • Busaiteen Police Station1732 0045
    • Capital Governorate Police Station1729 1555
    • East Riffa Police Station1777 3158
    • Exhibition Road Police Station1755 0629
    • Hala Police Station1733 7000
    • Hawak Police Station1784 9009
    • Hidd Police Station1767 1212
    • Hoora Police Station1729 1555
    • King Fahad Causeway Police Directorate1779 6555
    • Muharraq Governorate Police Station1739 0185
    • Northern Governorate Police Station1740 3111
    • Northern Hamad Town Police Station1741 8444
    • Nuaim Police Station1725 8210
    • Samaheej Police Station1733 4401
    • Southern Governorate Police Station1766 4606
    • Southern Hamad Town Police Station1743 0300
    • Um Al Hassam Police Station 1772 8229
    • West Riffa Police Station1766 4606
    • Zallaq Police Station1763 1211


    • Household Emergencies8000 1810
    • Electricity and Water Supply Repairs1751 5555

    And because no one can tell where and when accidents or emergencies can happen, preparation is crucial for a safe and enjoyable stay anywhere. As a tip, make sure to highlight the information relevant to your location and needs, and keep this list somewhere accessible such as next to your landline, or somewhere it can be easily seen such as your work area or kitchen (right on the fridge). And even if we hope that nothing out of the ordinary or extreme happens to us, it will only be wishful thinking if we don’t do anything about it (or at least be ready in case it happens to us or to anyone we know that we can easily help out had we been extra prepared).

    As a final tip, include the contact details of your home embassy in the country in the list for specific inquiries and types of services that you may need while staying overseas.

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