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    Dubai Gov’t Launches Green Transport Initiative with 94 Eco-friendly Buses

    With the oil crisis that has hit the region during the last decade, many governments in the Middle East have shifted their attention in growing their infrastructures and invested on industries that have the potential to further boost their country’s economy in the future.

    Similarly, as countries such as the UAE moves away from its dependence on oil reserves, processes and technologies have also followed this trend because the UAE government has now invested on green technology such as solar farms and now – green transportation.

    Dubai Gov’t Launches Green Transport Initiative with 94 Eco-Friendly Buses
    Credits: RTA

    More than 90 Eco-friendly Buses Ready to Shuttle Dubai Commuters

    Dubai’s Road and traffic Authority (RTA) has launched 94 eco-friendly buses in the emirate to service commuters and at the same time, help protect the environment through the use of renewable energy, as shared in a report by Arabian Business.

    The medium-sized passenger buses designed by Optare will be the first of their kind in the UAE and are compatible with the European Emission Standards (Euro 5).

    These buses, which are light in weight, have a semi-stainless-steel body, and the design of the front wheels creates more room for riders.

    The engines were designed for low fuel consumption and low carbon emissions, while the bus has a low-floor door to accommodate ‘people with determination’, white LED destination boards, internet service and USB charging ports.

    According to Mattar Al Tayer, director general and chairman of the board of executive directors, RTA, “The delivery of the new batch of buses is part of RTA’s master plan to improve public transport in Dubai and keep pace with top international standards.

    Each bus can accommodate 32-seated passengers and nine standing; eight seats are fitted with adjustable safety belts and one seat is designated for ‘people with determination’.

    As per the RTA, the new set of buses will be deployed on 17 routes: eight existing routes and nine new routes highlighted by metro link bus routes, low-demand routes, and routes serving residential areas which do not require the operation of large buses.

    This initiative falls right along the RTA’s efforts to raise the percentage of public transport journeys to 26 percent by 2030.

    As the government raises the standards of service in public transportation, they are also making it become sustainable in the process. This will not only benefit the immediate end-users of the service, but even the residents of Dubai, as well as the future generation of the UAE.

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