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    A First: UAE Gets Single-Letter Government Domain

    With a series of smart initiatives set in the pipeline for governments in the UAE, the national government has launched a new move that will not only set apart the country from the rest of the world, but also strengthen its commitment in providing accessible and timely services to its residents – of course, still through the use of the Internet.

    With just a few clicks, government services and information on the state can now be accessed by those who have a need for them because now, the government’s official portal is “literally” just a few keys away!

    A First: UAE Gets Single-Letter Government Domain
    Credits: UAE Government

    UAE Becomes World’s First Nation to Use Single-Letter Gov’t Domain

    The UAE government has launched the new domain name of its official portal to become the first government domain in the world composed of only a single letter (U), to facilitate the public access to information, services, projects, strategies and laws in the UAE, as shared in a report by WAM.

    The new domain was established in cooperation between The Prime Minister’s Office at the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs and the Future and the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA).

    Of note, the first letter (U) of the country will be the domain name, while the second and third letters are composed of the UAE’s country code Top Level Domain “.ae”.

    The official portal of the UAE government is a comprehensive platform where all government services and information, as well as important data and information related to vital sectors in the UAE, including education, economy, business, infrastructure, residency regulations, health, national policies and strategies, and others, can be accessed.

    Commenting on the new initiative, Hamad Obaid Al Mansoori, TRA Director General said, “The new domain name of the UAE Government portal embodies the meaning of innovation, which is simple and easy to remember. It also reflects the centrality of the people in the government’s concerns with its various projects, programmes and plans. The adoption of the new domain name comes at an important stage of the digital transformation, in which we enter the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the smart city, and the government of Artificial Intelligence.”

    He also noted that through the guidance of the UAE’s national leaders, the nation has adopted a culture of innovation and creativity as a way to assert the country’s leadership and the community’s happiness.

    The TRA Directors also pointed out that that the most important message of the new domain name is the focus on people.

    Al Mansoori emphasized that the new initiative sends an important message from the UAE leadership that you are the goal, you are the purpose, you are the bet, you are the government, and you are the United Arab Emirates.

    Through the portal, the nation embraces the digital age tells the world that the people are the ultimate goal of the UAE Government – the people in the broad sense of participation, tolerance, peace, prosperity, happiness, well-being, and sustainable development. Al Mansoori pointed out that the “” mission is that we are all our partners in future-making.

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