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    Oman OK’s Direct Hiring in Private Sector

    The Omani Cabinet has approved direct hiring for private-sector job openings.

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    According to Dr Mahad bin Said bin Ali Ba’owain, Minister of Labor, there would no longer be any need for recruitment companies in providing opportunities for those who aim to work in the private sector.

    Oman OK’s Direct Hiring in Private Sector

    Private Sector in Oman Now Allowed to Hire Employees without the Need for Recruitment Firms

    Until May of this year, 4,800 workers were hired in the private sector, according to the minister, the Oman Observer reported.

    He also stated that procedures for over 5,000 civil and military government employment had been completed.

    Dr. Mahad stated in an interview with Oman TV that the government sector should hire depending on need.

    “The National Employment Programme has been set up to help place job seekers amid the current economic downturn. The program focuses on 12 sectors,” he explained.

    Prior to the COVID-19 epidemic, the Philippines sent an average of 25,000 employees to Oman each year, most of whom were domestic service workers, according to the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration. During the present health crisis, this number has shrunk to 5,000.

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