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    Fire Breaks Out in Beirut Port, 1 month after Massive Explosion

    A huge fire broke out at the port area in Beirut on Thursday – 10th September 2020. This incident sent billows of black smoke into the sky at the Lebanese capital and had authorities rush to the scene to control it. 1

    It’s only a little more than a month since a devastating blast wreaked havoc to the residents surrounding the port area. So this massive fire is another tragic event especially people are still recovering.

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    Initial reports mention that the fire was caused by maintenance works at the facility. Authorities are investigating the cause of the blaze and according to reports, Lebanon President Michel Aoun said that the Beirut fire could either be a deliberate act of vandalism or a result of negligence or ignorance. Aoun also stressed the importance punishment for those who had caused the blaze.

    fire in beirut port
    Fire in Beirut port, a month after the shocking explosion. Image: video screenshot shared on social media

    Beirut Port Fire after 1 Month of Deadly Blast

    “Any mistake of any kind that leads to such a fire is no longer acceptable, especially after the disaster caused by the first blaze,” said President Michel Aoun.

    Michel Najjar, Caretaker Minister of Public Works and Transportation announced that the fire that broke out was under control. They are conducting further investigations and will wait for a reports on the cause of the fire.

    “The fire broke out in a warehouse away from hangar 12, and we must wait for a comprehensive study of what happened,” he added.

    In a tweet shared on Thursday, the Lebanese Army announced that the authorities have started investigation into the Beirut port fire.

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