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    Pray for Lebanon, Countries Light Up Lebanese Flag in Solidarity after Beirut Explosion

    Few hours after the massive blast at the port area of the Lebanese capital, the hashtags #PrayforLebanon and #PrayforBeirut trended on social media. 

    And as people began to join forces together to voice out their support for the victims, and residents of Beirut and Lebanon, famous landmarks around the globe lit up with the flag of Lebanon in solidarity with the victims of the explosion.

    Pray for Lebanon, Countries Light Up Lebanese Flag in Solidarity after Beirut Explosion
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    Look: Famous Landmarks Light Up with Lebanese Flag in Solidarity after Beirut Blast

    The blast, which obliterated almost the entire city’s port, is suspected to have been caused by seized explosives that were stored in a warehouse at the port.

    The number of reported fatalities was close to 100, while around 4,000 people have been injured from the incident. And with hundreds more still missing, authorities expect that the number of fatalities and casualties will continue to rise in the following hours.

    In lie with this, Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab declared a national day of mourning and promised that those responsible for the “catastrophe” would be held accountable.

    Iconic Monuments Light Up in Solidarity with the Victims of the Beirut Blast

    Meanwhile, in Brazil, the iconic statue of Christ the Redeemer was projected with the Lebanese flag in memory of those who lost their lives in the blast and show solidarity to the people in Beirut who are still suffering from its aftermath.

    Few hours after the catastrophic event that hit Lebanon, the official Twitter account of Dubai’s iconic landmark, the Burj Khalifa, posted a photo as it was lit up with the colors of the Lebanese flag, captioned: “In solidarity with our brothers and sisters in #Lebanon”.

    On Tuesday night, the iconic pyramids of Giza in Egypt also shone bright with the colors of the Lebanon flag in solidarity with the victims of the tragic event. 

    In Canada, the CN Tower displayed the colors red, white, and green, in remembrance of the victims in Beirut.

    Meanwhile, the Tel Aviv municipality building also joined the light-up in solidarity with the people of Lebanon.

    In Iran, Tehran’s Azadi Tower projected the Lebanese flag on its facade.

    Neighboring Gulf state, Kuwait Towers in the Ras Agouza area, also lit up with the colors of the Lebanese flag.


    And as the other iconic landmarks across the world lit up in support of the people of Lebanon, France’s Eiffel Tower went dark to join Lebanon in mourning.

    The hashtags #Lebanon and #Beirut trended all over social media with many saying the explosion appeared “apocalyptic”. People also shared images from before and after the explosion to show the massive scale of devastation.

    The catastrophe comes at a time as Lebanon’s economy struggles with a financial crisis as it attempts to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

    The nation has also witnessed increasing tensions between Israel and the militant Hezbollah group along Lebanon’s southern border.

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