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    Huge Explosion in Zarqa, Jordan

    A huge explosion was reported in Jordan early hours on Friday – 11th September 2020. The blast took place at a military installation in the Jordanian city of Zarqa.

    Fortunately, no casualties were reported.

    The cause of the blast was reportedly due to electrical short circuit in a munitions depot. Early last August, a similar incident occurred in the country of Lebanon where a massive blast took place in the capital city of Beirut and the cause was due to stored ammonium nitrate in the port.

    jordan explosion in zarqa city
    Image: screenshot on videos from Social Media

    Here are some detail and statements from the Minister as per Jordan News Agency:

    Minister: No reports of casualties in Zarqa munition depot explosion

    Minister: Munition depot explosion caused by short circuit

    Minister: Explosion occurred at depot of unusable mortar munitions

    Minister: Munition depot located in uninhabited area

    Below is a post from Jordan News Agency:

    Below is a media news statement from Jordan News Agency:

    Short circuit behind Zarqa munition depot explosion: Minister

    Minister of State for Media Affairs Amjad Adaileh said that an explosion occurred in the early hours of Friday at a Jordan Armed Forces-Arab Army depot containing unusable mortar munitions east of Zarqa.

    Adaileh added that preliminary investigations indicate that the explosion was caused by an electrical short circuit in the depot which is located in an isolated and uninhabited area monitored by cameras.

    “According to the Army General Command, until this moment, no casualties have been recorded as a result of the explosion,” he said.

    Below are posts shared on social media regarding the explosion in Zarqa, Jordan: